Bedroom Lighting

LED Colour changing Mood Lamp


What's your Favourite Colour ???

With the LED Colour Changing Mood Lamp it could be whatever you feel like as it comes equipped with 16 Million colours to choose from.
Besides being used as a light source, the Mood lamp can also change the ambience around you.
A must have gift for Christmas, Birthdays or Valentines.

Our Price: £30.00

Product Code - WLA-001

Product Price


1 - 2 Working days

Technical Specifications

. :Easily select colours with the remote control
.:Choose from 16 million colours and any shade of white
.:Automatic colour changing mode
.:Long lasting high quality LED Light & high energy saving
.:Diffused light effect
.:Wireless touch remote control >effective distance 30m control
.:Increase or reduce the amount of the light as you wish
.:Auto-circulate colour changing
LED Colour changing Mood Lamp
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