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Infrared Motion Detector IS 140-2 - Black


STEINEL has now made this classic motion detector even classier. Offering even more horizontal and vertical adjustment angles for targeted detection along the building with a 140 angle of coverage, even more reach (up to 14 m) and even more detection levels, the IS 140-2 watches over even greater areas. Better than ever, its optical system is fitted with precision, spherical Fresnel lenses that detects people with even greater precision and provides a uniquely constant reach. Settings: optical system that swivels through 180 and tilts through 90 for exact adjustment of the detection zone. The detection zone can also be customised using the shrouds provided. On the IS 140-2, time and twilight threshold are easily set by control dial underneath the sensor lens. Thanks to the generously sized and clearly arranged terminal compartment, the IS 140-2 infrared motion detector is wired up and mounted to the wall or corner quickly and easily - the corner wall mounts required are available as accessories. The supply lead can be concealed or surface-mounted. W70 x H86 x D95mm

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Infrared Motion Detector IS 140-2 - Black