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IP44 14w LED Bulkhead with Sensor/Dimming Function - TPB14LEDA


IP44 14W 6000K LED Bulkhead. Pre -programmed adjustable 3 step dimming sensor (corridor) function. The energy saving unit will illuminate 100% when motion is detected and will dim down to a pre-set level when presence is not detected (adjustable time /lux control). Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Manufactured from polycarbonate with dedicated LED source. Specially designed anti-glare diffuser emits over 1000 lumens . An extended warranty makes this affordable luminaire a real alternative to fluorescent with all the features and benefits of LED .

Our Price: £65.00
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Product Code - WML-073

Product Price


1 to 2 days

Technical Specifications

Lumens:1070 lms
Power Consumption:14w
Input Power/Voltage::230v 50HZ
Average Lifespan:30,000 hours
Dimensions:Dia 330mm x Depth 110mm
Colour Temperature:6000k
IP Rating:IP44
Certifications:CE and RoHS
Warranty:3 Years
IP44 14w LED Bulkhead with Sensor/Dimming Function - TPB14LEDA