LED GU10 Replacement Spot lights

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Our LED GU10 spots are one of our most popular replacements. They are direct retrofit for halogen lights. Simply take out the old halogen bulb and pop in the replacement! We've got a superb range of GU10 LED lighting including the latest 4w SMD. In addition to this we have a dimmable and non-dimmable versions of our LED GU10 bulbs available in 4w and 6w in Cool White and Warm White, ranging from 2850 kelvins to 6000 kelvins. They have a lifespan of 35,000 hours and all our products come with a 2 year warranty. Suitable for all areas of the home and commercial property's. Lower your electricity bills by up to 90%. For more information on any of our products please call us on 0116 268 22 88 or email Sales@worldofleds.co.uk

LED Light Colour

Most LED GU10 bulbs emit a light colour ranging from "warm white" to "cool white". Warm white is yellowish light which is similar to light emitted by a halogen or filament bulb. Cool white has a slight blue tint and is mostly used for commercial lighting purposes, although we have had many of our residential customers use Cool white lighting in Glossy kitchens and bathrooms.  

World of LEDs GU10 LEDs have the following colour temperature. Warm White : 2850k – 3500k, Cool White : 6000k-7000k  

Total light output (luminous flux)

Different types of LED chips have different lumens per watt output.

£’s per watt the best output we currently have is the 4W SMD GU10, with Cool white acheiveing 370 lumens and Warm white at 360 lumens, that’s over 90 Lumens per Watt.

Our 6W LED GU10 is made up of 3 x 2w LED chips. 2w LED chips are not as powerful as 1w chips and we achieve 320 lumens with both our warm and cool white, giving you around 54 lumens per watt.  

The 4W LED GU10 and 3w LED Gu10 give up to 320 lumens and 240 Lumens respectively output, that’s 80 Lumens per watt!


Spread of light (beam angle)

Another benefit with our GU10 is that we have a choice of beam angles. Generally our 4w LED SMD GU10 bulbs produce a wide spread of light with a beam angle of around 120°. Our 4W LED GU10  / 3W LED GU10 bulbs offer a more focused beam of light with a choice of beam angle between 45° and the 6W LED GU10 gives a 60° beam angle (old halogen 50 watt GU10 and MR16 bulbs had a beam angle of about 60°).

We are soon to add COB (Chip On Board) LED bulbs to our range which producers a very similar spread of light to the SMD.

Bulb dimensions

Please do check the dimensions of our LED bulbs. While all of our bulbs are 50mm in diameter. The 3w LED GU10 is 62mm in height while the 4w SMD, 4w LED GU10  and 6W LED GU10 are all 55mm in height, exactly the same as a halogen GU10