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Steinel Infrared Motion Detector IS360D Trio - Black


The IS 360 D TRIO is fitted with three highly sensitive infrared detectors that are positioned at a specific angle to each other. This means the motion detector provides 360 all-round, blindspot-free coverage of areas beneath it. It identifies any movement in a max. radius of 12 m, equating to an area of around 350 m2. This makes the 360 D TRIO the right sensor solution for ceiling-mounting under porches, overhanging roofs and balconies, in carports and larger-size garages. The detection zone can be reduced as required using shrouds provided. Time and twilight threshold is very easy to adjust by control dial. And the generously sized and clearly arranged terminal compartments that makes child's play of wiring and ceiling-mounting. The supply lead can be concealed or surface-mounted.
1000 W max. (resistive load, e.g. filament bulb)
500 W max. (uncorrected, inductive, cos = 0.5,e.g. fluorescent lamp)
600 W max. (electronic ballasts, capacitive,e.g.low-energy bulb,8 each max.)
Angle of coverage : 360 with 180 angle of aperture
Adjustment range : 10 precision adjustment of lens
Reach : 12 m max. (temperature-stabilised)
Twilight setting : 2 2000 lux
Time setting : 10 sec. 15 min.
Enclosure : IP 54
Protection class : II
100 x 120 x 120 mm

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Product Code - STEINEL IS360D - BLACK

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Steinel Infrared Motion Detector IS360D Trio - Black