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Steinel XLED FL-50 Sign Light


A maintenance free, sensor-controlled LED sign light with highly sensitive twilight sensors, which register when light levels are dimming and automatically turns the floodlight on and turns it off when sufficient sunlight has returned. With a typical lifespan of 50,000 hours, there is no need to manually switch it on and off.
This highly robust floodlight features 25W LEDs that deliver 820 lumens and its IP44-rating ensures the XLED FL-50 is also highly robust,
The product's projector comes in a length of 541 mm and mounted at recommended intervals of 1.5 m, can be interconnected by cable with a total of 16 floodlights. Avaiable in white or black.

Our Price: £299.00

Product Code - STEINEL XLED FL 50

Product Price


3 to 4 days

Technical Specifications

Lumens:820 lms
Power Consumption:25w
Input Power/Voltage:230-240 V/50 Hz
Average lifespan:50,000 hrs
Dimensions:182 x 175 x 541 mm/Projector Length of 541 mm
Colour Temperature:3500k
IP Rating:IP44
Certifications:CE and RoHS
Brand:World of LEDs
 Steinel XLED FL-50 Sign Light
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