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Steinel XLED Home 1 LED Sensor Floodlight - Silver


XLed Home floodlight from STEINEL has 170 LEDs and ensures perfect illumination with a sensationally low energy requirement. As the floodlight emits only a fraction of the heat that conventional floodlights do, it is ideal for installing under porches. Adjusting in all directions, the light panel can be aimed perfectly at the area you wish to illuminate. The combination of LED technology and sensor control produces a saving of 90% over conventional halogen floodlights. This hi-tech floodlight requires less tha 15 watts to immerse its surrounding in light. Using 170 LEDs for light and an innovative control system this floodlight is highly efficient. Also, compared with halogen or filament bulbs, their life is virtually unlimited. Their life span is also enhanced by Steinel's Active Thermo Control technology that protects the LEDs from overheating. Integrated motion detector providing 140 sneak by guard coverage over a reach of 14 m. The housing swivels through 270 and tilts through 80. Sensor positioning range is 180 horizontally and 90 vertically. Has an 8 second to 35 minute time setting.

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Product Price


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Technical Specifications

Power Consumption:14.8w
Input Power/Voltage:230v/50Hz
LED Quantity:170 LED's
Average lifespan:50,000 hours
Base:Flood Light
Dimensions:H210mm x W175mm x D180 mm
Replacement For:Silver Finish
Brand:World of LEDs
Colour Temperature:6700k (Cool White)
IP Rating:IP44
Certifications:CE and RoHS
Steinel XLED Home 1 LED Sensor Floodlight -  Silver