What type of Bulb

Please see the Bulb types below. The B15 Bayonet fitting is smaller than the B22 in diametre, though they appear the same.

E14 is a smaller screw version of the E27 bulb.



B15 -Also known as Small Bayonet, these are typically used in table Lamps

B22 -Also known as Bayonet or BC (Bayonet Cap) this is the most commen bulb used in pendants

E14 -Also known as SES ( Small Edison Screw ) the bulbs with this type of fitting are usually golf / candle bulbs

E27 -Also known as ES ( Edison Screw) this is the common screw in bulb.

GU10 - Most common fitting used for Firerated Downlights.

MR16 -  Same shape and size as the GU10 but with two pins